Improving Supervision of Service Business Licenses in NHM through Binwas ESDM

PT Nusa Halmahera Minerals (NHM) as one of the National Vital Objects (Obvitnas) in the mining industry, continues to maintain and support the stability of the country’s mineral commodity supply chain by running Gosowong Gold Mine operations securely, safely, healthily and productively. As one of these efforts, NHM actively participates in the Development and Supervision (Binwas) of Standardization & Mineral Services Business by the Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources (KESDM).

The Binwas activity took place for two days (March 30-31, 2023) in the Gosowong Admin Building Meeting Room. The ESDM team members were the Coordinator of Standardization & Mineral & Coal Service Business/Mine Inspector Hendra Gunawan, Sub Coordinator of Mineral & Coal Service Business/Mine Inspector M. Nur Ilham, and Mine Inspector Dwi Ayu Putri.

The three Mine Inspectors provided materials related to guidance on the management of standardization aspects and service business as well as other technical aspects of mineral mining in the NHM Contract of Work area in North Halmahera Regency, North Maluku Province. Hendra expected, “NHM and all its partners holding Mining Service Business Permits (IUJP) continue to be committed to implementing Good Mining Principles (GMP) to ensure the Gosowong Gold Mine continues to operate smoothly.”

The Binwas activity was carried out online, and face-to-face attended by NHM Deputy President Director Amiruddin Hasyim, Deputy General Manager Denny Lesmana, representatives from various related departments such as GMP, Government Relations, Supply, then representatives of the Tambang Gotongroyong Gosowong (TGG) cooperative, as well as representatives of NHM partners. 

GMP Department Representative Amin Bahrun said, “This guidance and supervision can help the Company to improve the management of service business standardization and other technical aspects and prevent deviations of the Mining Service Business License (IUJP),” he said.