Employees at Gosowong Celebrates Eid Al-Fitr

After a month, NHM’s Muslim employees and business partners at the Gosowong Gold Mine were fasting, enduring thirst and hunger; finally able to celebrate the day of victory, Eid al-Fitr 1444 Hijriyah on Saturday (22/4). The Eid al-Fitr celebration begins with an Eid Prayer which is held at the Gosowong Football field by the administrators of the Al Musafirin Gosowong Mosque Prosperity Council (DKM).

More than 250 employees have started arriving at the Eid prayer location before 07.00 WIT. Eid prayers led by Ustadz Isran Salamat from the area around the NHM mine, Malifut Village. While the sermon was delivered by Ustadz Zohirudin M.Pd. from the City of Ternate who acted as Khatib.

When giving a sermon to the congregation, Ustadz Zohirudin conveyed to that it is important to maintain obedience and noble character as a leader. “Taqwa makes obedience a pleasure. Piety should be maintained because death comes without permission. This country really needs a leader and people who have noble character, and leadership is a mandate, not an arena for cheating and betrayal,” added Ustadz Zohirudin.

At the end of the sermon, the Khatib also prayed for the safety of all employees and a special prayer for the highest leadership of NHM, Mr. H. Robert Nitiyudo Wachjo, so that he would be given safety and abundant fortune so that could impact others.

On behalf of Mr. H. Robert Nitiyudo Wachjo and the Board of Directors/Management, GM Planning & Production/KTT NHM, Rado Lawolo conveyed his Eid greetings to all employees and thanked them for supporting NHM’s operations. The hope is that with the momentum of the Eid al-Fitr 1444 Hijriyah celebration, we will always be given strength and optimism by continuing to worship and do good for others.

Shortly after finishing the Eid prayer, the congregation shook hands with one another, followed by a group photo. Even though they were far from their families at home, the congregation who attended looked enthusiastic celebrating Eid Al-Fitr at Gosowong.

At the same time, the Flight & Camp Services team has prepared a special menu for the celebration of Eid al-Fitr at the Mess Hall Gosowong with the theme of home-cooked food, treating the homesickness of employees with a variety of food menus such as ketupat, chicken braised in coconut milk, grilled goat, beef rendang, maranggi satay, chicken soup, etc. Various desserts as well as soft drinks are prepared inside and outside the Mess hall.

Darmo Setiawan, UG Toguraci Plant Supervisor who also serves as Chairman of DKM Al Musafirin, said, We hope that the Eid Al-Fitr 1444 H celebration can strengthen the sense of brotherhood among employees in the Gosowong site. “The gathering of NHM employees and partners during Eid al-Fitr can be a bit of a cure for ‘missing home’ because employees usually look forward to moments like this when they gather with their families. Not forgetting that the dishes provided by the Flight & Camp team are also a substitute the home-made food, “Thank you from the DKM management to the congregation, the Flight & Camp Services team, Fufu Lawrisa who helped prepare the sound system, as well as the Communications team who documented this event,” said Darmo with great gratitude.