NHM Achieved Blue PROPER Award Through Cross-Departmental Synergy

On the 1st of April 2023, PT Nusa Halmahera Minerals (NHM) achieved a Blue-rated PROPER award from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) for the period July 2021–June 2022. The PROPER award is the KLHK’s annual agenda to assess a company’s performance in managing its environment following the applicable laws and regulations. Environmental management includes documenting the ecological management of water pollution, air pollution, and hazardous and toxic waste.

This Blue-rated PROPER award has been attained due to the ongoing support across NHM departments and intensive communication with the North Maluku Province of Environmental Service and the Ministry of Environment.

In efforts to manage the operational environment of the Gosowong Gold Mine, it is everyone’s responsibility to continue implementing Good Mining Practices (GMP). General Manager, Planning and Production/KTT, Rado Lawolo, expressed his appreciation for the support and contributions of all internal departments in supporting NHM’s Environmental and Government Relations and Permitting teams.

“Thank you for the excellent teamwork! Let’s achieve a “Green” rating in the future. This will require even more extensive teamwork from all departments, including Social Performance. We will continue to be committed to implementing sustainable environmental management principles, in which environmental sustainability is our shared responsibility and a priority within our mining activities,” Rado hoped.

NHM continues implementing sustainable environmental management principles to benefit the environment and surrounding mine-ring communities.