NHM Celebrates 26th Anniversary with Simplicity

PT Nusa Halmahera Minerals (NHM) Contract of Work (COW) was signed 26 years ago on April 28, 1997. The COW is an agreement between the Government of the Republic of Indonesia and NHM to conduct mineral mining business activities.

After more than two decades, NHM, which was a Foreign Investment (PMA) joint venture, is now proudly a wholly Indonesian-owned company since March 2020 under PT Indotan Halmahera Bangkit.

Many challenges and obstacles have been faced in our journey to continue contributing positively to the nation, especially during the past COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the obstacles NHM could still get through it because of its personnel’s hard work, never-give-up attitude, and high dedication.

For its 26th anniversary, NHM celebrated with simplicity and gratitude at the Gosowong Gold Mine through prayers at the Al Musafirin Gosowong Mosque and the POG Church.

The celebration at the Al Musafirin Mosque was coordinated by the Al Musafirin Mosque Prosperity Council (DKM), along with Friday prayers. The total congregation present was around 234 people, led by Ustadz Idhar Haya Adjid, Lc. Ustadz Idhar asked the congregation to continue worshiping and always to be grateful, even though the holy month of Ramadan had passed.

Additionally, Mashuri, Secretary of DKM Al Musafirin Mosque, congratulated NHM’s 26th anniversary and wished for even more blessings. “If God wills, NHM will continue to operate by finding new reserves so that employees and the people around the mine will benefit North Halmahera’s natural wealth,” added Mashuri.

Representing the congregation at the mosque, Widianto (Manager of NHM’s Ore Treatment Department) said, “Thank God, Gosowong’s operations have reached their 26th year. Hopefully, God willing, the entire NHM family and its operational activities will always be blessed by God and be united in togetherness, and also, if God willing, Gosowong’s operations can be sustainable and bring good to others, following the slogan mining with heart, dedicated to the country.”

After finishing Friday prayers, the Muslim employees who were present then had lunch together in the courtyard of the Al Musafirin Mosque.

Meanwhile, the service at the Gosowong Oikumene Fellowship Church (POG) was led by Rev. Wesly Lahea from the Kao area and attended by around 70 Christian employees in Gosowong. Rev. Wesly told employees always to be grateful and stay strong amid a storm because God is always with them. “Let us give thanks and worship God in a way that pleases Him.”

“The Lord Jesus is always good at all times; whatever happens will bring goodness. Happy 26th birthday to NHM, our prayers; God continues to bless and protect this company; God shines on NHM with His face and gives grace; God turns His face to this mine and gives peace,” said Cindy M. Siden, the Spiritual Section at POG.

Representing the congregation at the church, Yolanda Kojongian, Superintendent of Warehouse & Inventory, said, “God has helped NHM in the past; God will also help NHM in the present and the future.”

The Governor of North Maluku Province (Malut), KH. Abdul Gani Kasuba “Assalamualaikum, Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh, I am Abdul Gani Kasuba, Governor of North Maluku Province, wishing PT Nusa Halmahera Minerals the 26th anniversary. Hopefully, NHM can maintain the beneficial social programs that help the government jointly develop North Maluku Province for the welfare of the community around the mine and the people of North Maluku in general.”

Apart from the Governor of North Maluku, other stakeholders also congratulated NHM, such as Sunindyo Suryo Herdadi, Technical and Environmental Director for Minerals and Coal/Chief Mining Inspector, Head of North Halmahera Regency, Ir. Frans Manery, and representatives of customary community institutions around the mine.

Happy 26th anniversary of NHM, “Mining with Heart, Dedicated to the Nation.”