NHM Strengthens Relations with Mine Ring Stakeholders

PT Nusa Halmahera Minerals (NHM), led by its Deputy President Director, Amiruddin Hasyim, held a coordination meeting with the mine ring district stakeholders on Wednesday (19/04) to discuss strengthening the implementation of Good Mining Practices as mandated in laws and regulations. The coordination meeting is also intended as a vehicle to strengthen relations with the stakeholders.

The coordination meeting was attended by the management of the Village Head Forum (FKD), the Regional Coordinator (Korwil) of National Education around the mine, and the Social Performance Department (SP) led directly by SP Manager Hansed Pitter Lasa, Project Generation GM Basuki Dwi Priyono, Human Resources Manager Ronny Kasenda, Asset Protection Manager Handy Torang, and several NHM Superintendents and Supervisors.

The coordination meeting began with a general presentation of the process of mining activities. Basuki Dwi Priyono and Dedy Christiawan, Exploration Superintendent, explained the exploration process, starting from prospecting activities to detailed exploration, in an effort to find resources and reserves in the NHM Contract of Work Area. The presentation also reviews the importance of full support and the role of stakeholders, including the general public, in supporting the success of the exploration process in order to extend the life of the mine.

Meanwhile, Mine Planning Superintendent, Guntur Andayana Putra explained the mine planning process, starting from feasibility studies, mine development and construction, and mining. The purpose of this presentation is to help the participants of the coordination meeting understand the characteristics of a mining business or investment that are really high-risk, including capital-intensive, technology-intensive risks, risks of work accidents and occupational health, slow yielding periods, and the environment, including social risks, all of which need special management as stipulated in the Good Mining principles.

The central theme of the discussion of the coordination meeting apart from the general introduction is the status of the stages of the Development and Empowerment Program (PPM) after the socialization of the 2023-2029 NHM PPM Program, the Gotong Royong Gosowong (TGG) mining issue, NHM Mengajar, HRI Cares for Public Health (Kesmas), and challenges for the Bedah Rumah program as well as local business initiative.

Amiruddin Hasyim said that the coordination meeting was also intended as part of NHM’s efforts to consolidate strategic communications with various stakeholders, including soliciting input and constructive criticism for the improvement of NHM’s social performance in the future, especially in the mining area.

In addition, the Chairperson of the FKD Malifut, Rido Momou, also convinced the attendees to jointly support the community welfare program around the mine as an added value to the existence of mining activities in accordance with the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations.

Meetings and discussions between NHM and stakeholders went well and systematically and constructively ended with breaking the fast together.

Cooperation and an atmosphere of harmony between NHM and mine ring stakeholders need to be continuously improved, bearing in mind that various internal and external stakeholders have made important contributions to the operational management of the Gosowong Gold Mine in the position as national vital object. It is hoped that the operations of the Gosowong Gold Mine in its capacity as a national vital object will continue to provide benefits, including in terms of state revenues, employee welfare, communities around the mine and outside the mine ring villages, and other indirect benefits.