Continuing to Increase Health and Safety Awareness, NHM Commemorates National BK3N Month

Commemoration of National Occupational Safety & Health Month (BK3N) 2024 at the Gosowong Gold Mine began with the opening ceremony on Friday (12/1) at the Gosowong mini-soccer field. This activity was attended by managers and employees from all department representatives and work partners of PT Nusa Halmahera Minerals (NHM) at the Gosowong Gold Mine. The annual BK3N agenda, which is celebrated every January 12 to February 12, this time carries the theme “Cultivate Occupational Safety and Health, be Healthy and Safe at Work, Maintain Business Continuity”.

The rally is the beginning of a series of BK3N 2024 activities which will last for a full month filled with various activities and competitions aimed at increasing Occupational Health and Safety (K3) awareness, such as the interdepartmental K3 Achievement Exhibition, Fire Extinguishing Competition, First Aid Competition, Blood Donation, Health Talk, and Color Fun Run.

Deputy Director of Operations/KTT, Rara D. Lawolo (Rado), as the head of the 2024 BK3N Opening Ceremony emphasized NHM’s commitment to prioritizing K3 in every operational activity at the Gosowong Gold Mine. “On behalf of the Board of Directors and Management, we are grateful for the active role of all employees in maintaining K3 aspects in their respective activities. We will continue to be committed that K3 will remain the main focus and pillar. “Let’s make K3 a culture and a necessity in our daily activities, not just fulfilling obligations,” he said.

So said Rado when appreciating the efforts of all employees in maintaining K3, so that NHM became one of the mining companies in Indonesia that consistently applies Good Mining Practices.

After the rally, the activity continued with an attraction by the NHM Emergency Response Team (ERT) carrying out the Motor Vehicle Accident Rescue procedure. ERT NHM demonstrated excellent alertness and teamwork in carrying out procedures for securing the incident location and evacuating victims. Apple’s activities were also enlivened by the BK3N quiz which honed employees’ K3 insight.