Committed to Improving Human Resources, NHM Provides a Course on Mining Safety

In the context of implementing Good Mining Practice (GMP) as well as being committed to improving the competency of its human resources, PT Nusa Halmahera Minerals (NHM) is again carrying out a special course on Mining Safety which was held at the Two River Bar site in Gosowong for two days, January 23–24, 2024.

Mersi Abadi, ST, M.Eng, as the resource person to provide material in this session is also the Mining Inspector of the Engineering and Environmental Directorate of the Directorate General of Mineral and Coal, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.

Present at this opening of the course were the Deputy Director of Operation/Chief Mine Engineer (KTT) NHM, Rara D. Lawolo (Rado), GM Geology Resources & Support, Denny Lesmana, together with heads and representatives of NHM departments, including a working group team selected specifically for Mining Safety. While taking part in this course, the participants were also provided with several materials, which included Mining Occupational Safety and Health Instructions (Mining K3), Mining Operational Safety Technical Instructions (Mining KO), and Mining Safety Management System (SMKP).

Rara Dodo Lawolo, as KTT, when giving his speech, thanked the presence of the resource persons from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources at the Gosowong site and appreciated the presence of the leaders and representatives of the NHM department at this course. “The hope is that the series of courses initiated by the GMP team can provide new knowledge and increase competency for NHM employees and partners in carrying out productive operations and complying with statutory regulations.”

In the discussion session, participants interactively discussed with resource persons and asked many questions, such as mine plan competency, employee fatigue management, mental health, and accidents in mining areas.