Employees at Gosowong Gold Mine are Excited to Share Their Right to Vote via the NHM Special Voting Place

PT Nusa Halmahera Minerals (NHM) continues to support the success and neutrality of the 2024 General Election (Pemilu) by upholding the Direct Principles in Elections in accordance with applicable procedures and regulations. In line with this, NHM Management supports the implementation of the NHM Special Voting Place (TPS) at the Gosowong Gold Mine as a form of effort to encourage employees to participate in conveying their voting rights.

The election, which took place on February 14, 2024, was attended by hundreds of employees, consisting of local and national employees who were also registered on the Permanent Voter List (DPT) and Additional Voter List (DPTb) on the NHM TPS. They can cast their voting rights through 4 NHM TPS in Gosowong, such as TPS 901, 902, which is located in the Multipurpose Building, then TPS 903, and 904, in the football field area, with the requirement to bring a National Identity Card (KTP) and a valid invitation or form distributed by the organizer.

Present during the election at the Gosowong Gold Mine are members of the North Halmahera (Halut) General Election Commission (KPU), Ircham Puni and Abdul Djalil; North Maluku (Malut) KPU member Reni Syariffudin; and North Maluku General Election Supervisory Board (Bawaslu) member Rusni Ibrahim. The next day (15/02), during the process of counting the ballot papers, the Chairman of Bawaslu Halut, Ahmad Idris, and Bawaslu Halut Member Jenfanher Lahi were also present to monitor the process.

“NHM management continues to collaborate closely and openly with stakeholders, namely the KPU of Halut Regency and North Maluku Province, as well as the local Bawaslu, so that the election at the NHM TPS in Gosowong can be carried out smoothly. NHM management supports neutrality in elections by upholding the principles of direct, general, free, secret, honest, and fair elections (Luber Jurdil),” said General Manager Planning & Productions, Kiki Kosmara.

The running of the 2024 election is fully supported by the involvement of various departments at NHM, including Social Performance, Human Resources, Government Relations & Permitting, Communications, Warehouse and Transport, Flight & Camp, and Security, under the coordination of the Head of the Stakeholder Engagement Division of the Social Performance Department, Dodi Panudu.

After carrying out calculations and evaluations, Bawaslu Halut recommended repeat voting (PSU) at one of the NHM TPS, such as TPS 903. As a result, the implementation of the PSU at TPS 903 NHM was held on Wednesday (21/02) at the Gosowong Multipurpose Building. The Indonesian Bawaslu supervision and monitoring team, Chairman of the North Maluku Provincial KPU, Pudja Sutamat, and Member of the North Maluku Bawaslu, Rusly Saraha, were present to directly witness the running of the PSU at NHM. Apart from that, members of the Halut KPU, Halut Bawaslu, and representatives of the Halut Regency Government (Pemkab), Anwar S. Kabalmay, as Head of the Kesbangpol Agency, were also seen.

According to Member of the Halut KPU Technical Division, Sefriando Bitakono, the implementation of the PSU at the NHM TPS was in accordance with the schedule and stages stated in the KPU’s decision, where the voters who voted at the PSU were those registered in the DPT and DPTb NHM TPS. The implementation of the NHM TPS PSU is only for the election of presidential candidates and vice presidential candidates.

The running of the PSU at NHM also received a good response and appreciation from Bawaslu Halut. NHM has maximized services and facilities for the 2024 election in order to uphold the principles of Luber Jurdil and fight for voting rights for all employees. The Head of the Halut Bawaslu, Ahmad Idris, also appreciated that, based on the results of monitoring at the PSU location at the NHM TPS, it had taken place safely and in accordance with established procedures.