NHM Holds Mineral Conservation Course with ESDM Representative

The series of technical courses organized by the Good Mining Practice (GMP) Department in order to provide strengthening to the relevant departments as well as preparation for the GMP Award continued in early February 2024 by inviting one of the resource persons from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM), Tiyas Nurchayani S.T., M.Si, as Mineral Conservation Coordinator, Director General, Minerba. At the opening, this activity was attended by the heads of the NHM departments, and then the activity continued with discussions with the Mineral Conservation working group, which consisted of heads of related departments such as the Department of Geology, Ore Treatment, Technical Service, TSF, and Water Management and Exploration.

Kiki Kosmara, GM Production & Planning, when giving his speech, was grateful for the presence of resource persons from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources at the Gosowong site and appreciated the presence of the NHM leaders and Person in Charge (PIC) at this course. Kiki hopes that participants who attend the Mineral Conservation Bimtek will gain a lot of new knowledge and can implement it directly in their respective work areas.

This activity took place for two days on February 1 and 2, 2024. Participants were enthusiastic about following the presentations given by the speakers, including several presentation highlights such as mining recovery (RT), processing recovery, low-grade minerals (MKR), associated minerals (MI), marginal reserves (CM), unmined reserves (CTT), and processing and/or refining residuals.

In the opening briefing, Tiyas Nurchayani explained that mineral resource conservation is an effort carried out in the context of optimizing the management, utilization, and data collection of mineral resources in a measurable, efficient, responsible, and sustainable manner. “The scope of mineral conservation includes planning, implementation, management, utilization, and data collection efforts for all mineral conservation objects.

Tiyas Nurchayani also appreciated the course held by NHM as an effort to consistently apply good mining principles in the company’s operations.

In between presentations, resource persons directly interacted and discussed with members of the Mineral Conservation Working Group who were present so that this activity was more dynamic and participants could directly evaluate the operational processes currently running.

GMP Department Manager, Arifin Amiruddin, said that the working group team consists of professionals at NHM with scientific specifications and scope of work that are in accordance with the mineral conservation aspect. “In the near future, there will be supervision activities in Jakarta after the working group team has prepared all the requested data and documents based on last year’s GMP Award event, so that the ESDM team will assess whether it is appropriate or not,” added Arifin.