SP Team Promotes Clean-Up During BK3N

Creating a comfortable and clean work environment is an inseparable part of maintaining occupational health and safety (K3). In line with this, through the momentum of National K3 Month (BK3N) 2024, the Social Performance Team (SP) of PT Nusa Halmahera Minerals (NHM) organized a joint clean-up action in the Main Gate area of the Gosowong Gold Mine and around Barnabas Harbor on Saturday (10/2/24).

The active participation of the SP Team in creating a safe and clean environment cannot be separated from the support of the Vice President Director, Amiruddin Hasyim, accompanied by the Superintendent of the Public Relations Division, Rustam Munawar, the Social Performance Specialist, Dodi Wirawan Panudu, and the Principal of General Projects, Rudi Palebangan, who also carried out the movement together.

After carrying out the activity, Amiruddin expressed his appreciation for the enthusiasm of the SP Team in community service activities in the general area of the Gosowong Gold Mine. “One of the main things in K3 is housekeeping/tidiness of the workplace; our efforts today can provide comfort for anyone who comes to our mine. We appreciate the SP Team who are enthusiastic about making BK3N a momentum to remind us of the importance of a clean and comfortable environment for us to work in or live in,” he said.

Around 10 bags containing various types of non-organic waste in the form of used plastic drinking bottles, used pack-meal containers, cigarette butts, and other plastic waste from both activity locations, especially on the shoreline of Barnabas Harbor, were collected. This action can serve as a record to further increase everyone’s awareness of maintaining cleanliness and tidiness in their respective workplaces.

Meanwhile, the Bori Village Coordinator, Yustianus Kalfrius Kakanga, also added his impression of this activity: “We are happy to be able to implement this clean-up action through BK3N activities, thereby building self-awareness, because when we see our neat work environment, it makes us feel clearer and more prepared to work quietly,” he said.