NHM Attends the 2024 Ecumenical Easter CelebrationHeld by the North Halmahera Regional Government

NHM management attended the invitation to the 2024 Ecumenical Christ Easter Celebration held by the North Halmahera Regency Government at the Graha Bethany Indonesia Church, Wosia Village, Central Tobelo District, North Halmahera (NH) Regency on Wednesday (03/04).

Easter Celebration with the theme “Life as an Instrument of His Truth”. The service was led by Pastor Prof. Dr. Jhony Ruhulessin, M.Si. Also present at the Easter Service, the Regent of North Halmahera, represented by the Regional Secretary, Drs. E. J. Papilaya, M.Tp, Military District Commander 1508/Tobelo represented by Danramil 1508-01/Tobelo, Mayor Infantry I Putu Artana Jaya, Head of NH Police, represented by Head of the Halut Police Rent, AKP Enos Sanggel, Chairman of the NH Regional Government Ecumenical Association, Yudihart Noya who was also as Head of the Environmental Service, Chair of the Synod for Renewal of the Evangelical Christian Church in Halmahera (GMIH) Pastor Anselm Puasa, M.Th, Pastor of Santa Maria Tobelo Parish, PR. Johanes Oduka, NH local apparatus organizations leaders, NH Subdistrict Head, NH Regency GMIH Pastors and the Ecumenical Congregation who attended approximately 1500 people. Meanwhile, the NHM was attended by Doddy W. Panudu, Head of the KS&UR Stakeholder Engagement Division, and Christian Muloko, KS&UR Regional Stakeholder Engagement and Compensation Supervisor.

The Ministry of the Word and Sermon from Pastor Prof. Dr. Jhony Ruhulessin, M.Si, said that Easter means that an event has been missed that occurred as a sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ. The cross of the Lord Jesus Christ is God’s sacrifice for this world; for the sake of all mankind, He sacrificed Himself on the cross and rose on the third day. This is a victory over death and victory over all power. The resurrection of Jesus Christ means that the past is over; therefore, we as Christians must be good examples. “Easter teaches us to be strong Christians, not to be arrogant Christians, to be polite, humble, and not arrogant Christians.” The impact of the Easter event for believers speaks of forgiveness, kindness, and love,” he said.

Meanwhile, representing the Regent, the Regional Secretary of Halut, E. J. Papilaya, said that the Regional Government of North Halmahera would like to express its thanks to the communities who were present in the series of Easter thanksgiving services, which taught us as Christians to remain a light for others. We, the regional government and the Indonesian National Army/Police, always provide a sense of security and comfort to the community so that peace can be created, as taught by our Prophets.

“As Christians, we always maintain peace among fellow religious communities, so that it becomes a strength that we have with great love in carrying out our duties,” he explained.

On the same occasion, Chairman of the Halut Regional Government Ecclesiastical Holiday Celebration (PHBG) Committee, Yudihart Noya, expressed his thanks to all parties. “I thank you for helping to hold this Easter ecumenical worship celebration,” he said.