SD Inpres Ngaimadodera Receives Disaster Mitigation Knowledge from the KSUR NHM Team

The series of socialization activities for Clean and Healthy Living Behavior (PHBS) and Disaster Mitigation initiated by the KSUR NHM Department, especially the Sustainable Development Division, continued at SD Inpres Ngaimadodera, Bukit Tinggi Village, Malifut District, which was held for two days, May 2 to 3, 2024.

This activity has been carried out in 20 schools and is carried out in the mine ring area because this area also has a very high impact of disaster risk, including school communities, which are the group most vulnerable to the impact of disasters (BNPB Disaster Risk Index 2022).

The socialization of PHBS and disaster mitigation opened with material on Clean and Healthy Living Behavior by Lisca W. Buael from the Sustainable Development Division, who discussed the importance of maintaining health, including understanding what ‘passive smoking’ is and maintaining cleanliness at home. Students are invited to speak up to tell those closest to them if someone is smoking at home.

The material was then continued by Salim Ahmad, Sustainable Development Supervisor, regarding disaster response. The students were given a presentation that included short videos about various natural disasters and how preventive measures could be taken at school and at home. Students are also taught safety aspects when crossing the road to avoid the danger of accidents.

220 elementary school students consisting of classes I to IV seemed enthusiastic about following the material presented by the KSUR team because it was interspersed with interactive games and songs so that students remained focused on following the socialization. A number of teachers are also actively involved in supporting this activity.

After the presentation of the material is complete, the students prepare themselves to carry out a disaster response simulation. One of the school teachers rang the bell, signaling the start of the earthquake disaster response simulation, and the students then took cover under their desks. After that, run outside while protecting your head and gather at the gathering point in the middle of the field, waiting for directions from one of the teachers.

During the gathering, there was a second simulation where one of the injured students was lifted by his friends using the correct lifting method and taken to the middle of the field for further treatment.

Nurdinhati Mansur, Treasurer of SD Inpres Ngaimadodera School, as the school representative, thanked NHM for carrying out disaster mitigation outreach to this school. “At first, we didn’t understand how to save ourselves when natural disasters such as landslides or earthquakes occurred. “This socialization is very useful because, as teachers and students, we know how to evacuate when a natural disaster occurs,” added Nurdinhati.

Meanwhile, one of the participants, Fais Mustafa (Class VI), said, “By holding disaster mitigation activities, as students we are know how to save ourselves when natural disasters occur, such as earthquakes, landslides, tsunamis, or if there is lightning when we are outside the house.”

“This activity received a positive response from teachers and the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of North Halmahera Regency. It is hoped that activities like this will continue not only at the elementary or kindergarten/preschool level but also at subsequent levels such as middle school and high school,” said Salim Ahmad.