PT Nusa Halmahera Minerals (NHM) has been successfully operating the Gosowong Gold Mine for over two decades. Throughout this extensive journey, NHM has achieved numerous remarkable milestones in both production and sales sectors. Furthermore, the company has excelled in managing its operations in a highly professional manner, consistently applying the best mining practices available.


A joint venture formed

A successful joint venture between PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (Antam) and Newcrest Mining Ltd., a mining company based in Australia, has uncovered significant economic value in gold resources within the Gosowong area.


NHM was established

Antam and Newcrest came together to establish NHM, and this partnership led to the signing of its Contract of Work (KK) with the Government of Indonesia on April 28, 1997.


The first shipment of gold

The initial consignment of gold, which was produced by the Gosowong Surface Mine, was delivered in July 1999.


Acquisition by Indotan

In February 2020, PT Indotan Halmahera Bangkit, under the leadership of H. Robert Nitiyudo Wachjo, acquired a majority shareholding of NHM from Newcrest. Substantial investments were directed towards funding robust exploration programs and revitalizing equipment to enhance mining productivity, making it more effective and efficient.


Discovery of additional resources

NHM has submitted its revised Feasibility Study document to the Directorate General of Minerals & Coal under the Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources (KESDM). With reference to NHM’s mining plan targets, the incorporation of new resources is anticipated to extend the productive lifespan of the Gosowong mine by over 5 years. It is expected that the figures for resources and reserves will be subject to alteration based on the outcomes of the ongoing exploration program.