We define Green Mining as a socially and environmentally friendly mining operation. Our mining activities, from planning to closure, prioritize the consideration of environmental and social aspects, aiming to minimize negative effects on the environment and ensure the safety and well-being of workers and nearby communities.

The utilization of environmentally friendly technology plays a crucial role in practicing Green Mining. Additionally, conservation and environmental protection programs are essential components that must be implemented. At PT Nusa Halmahera Minerals (NHM), we consistently guide our Gosowong mining activities in alignment with the principles of Green Mining.

There are four key activities in environmental management that need to be implemented:

  • Water quality management and monitoring
  • Air quality management and monitoring
  • Ground, reclamation and biodiversity management
  • Waste, hazardous and toxic materials and hazardous and toxic waste management

However, Green Mining practices go beyond conducting environmentally friendly mining activities. They also encompass occupational health and safety considerations. Ensuring the safety and well-being of workers is a key indicator of effective management in a mining company. It is imperative for every worker, as well as visitors to the mining area, to adhere to the principle of “arrive at work in good health, work safely, and return home safely, everyday”.

In addition, the contribution of a mining company to the surrounding community, particularly those residing in the mining vicinity, is another crucial aspect of its sustainable existence. Supporting the government in providing community assistance to individuals living in the mining area, with the aim of fostering independence in various aspects of life, is a fundamental objective of the Green Mining concept. While this poses a challenge to many companies, it can be overcome through collaborative partnerships between the mining company, government entities (especially local authorities), universities, non-governmental organizations, and local communities. Such partnerships provide a viable solution for achieving these goals.