Indotan the Majority Shareholder of PT Nusa Halmahera Minerals (NHM)

Under the leadership of H. Robert Nitiyudo Wachjo, the owner and the President Director of NHM, Gosowong Gold Mine has made numerous breakthroughs. When Newcrest sold its shares, the productivity life of Gosowong Gold Mine was said to be about to end. Yet, together with Indotan, Gosowong Gold Mine launched a series of progressive efforts to assure that the mine life is more than the previous prediction.

Internally, NHM’s employees have seen new positive developments. They range from the amount of bonus given to employees when the production exceeding the targeted plan, the recruitment of contractors for permanent employments in NHM, more people coming from villages around the mining ring area joining to work with NHM and also the life quality improvement enjoyed by those who live and work in Gosowong Gold Mine.

Haji Robert adds the budget for the quality improvement of workers’ food and drinks, accommodation expansion in workers’ camp, higher health insurance allowances, and new equipment procurement. The company also rents commercial planes to transport workers who wish to either take leave or go back to work, a move that also activates Kuabang Airport in Kao district, North Halmahera. In 2021, the airport’s new terminal was officially launched by President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo.

When COVID-19 pandemic hits and results in a drop of productivity of Gosowong Gold Mine, Haji Robert and NHM management decided not to cut workers’ allowance even for a single cent. No impact to their salary, bonus, ease and convenience of staying in Gosowong site, as well as the facilities given for taking leave. This reflects the great commitment of Indotan to Gosowong.

The endeavor to seek for new gold reserves has been done aggressively. A sizable investment has been made to back up exploration efforts. This has been conducted seriously by involving experienced geologists, including those who once discovered Gosowong Gold Mine. The relationship with PT Aneka Tambang Tbk. (Antam) is held more harmoniously nowadays. Moreover, Antam experts have been involved in exploration activities to seek for new reserves.

Under Indotan, Gosowong Gold Mine is optimistic for a brighter future, and generate benefits to the nation, the communities as well employees and their family.