Our closest neighbors are the communities residing in the mining ring area, which encompasses 83 villages surrounding the Gosowong Gold Mine. Since Indotan acquired a majority stake in PT Nusa Halmahera Minerals (NHM), one of our top priorities has been to enhance our relationship with these communities. We have conducted meetings with district and village heads, established effective communication channels, and engaged in collaborative discussions about various programs. In order to ensure the successful implementation of NHM’s new management initiatives within the communities, we have revamped the Social Performance team.

The initial step taken by NHM was to provide training to local communities, enabling them to become the primary suppliers of essential goods and services to the Gosowong Mine. We give priority to local farmers, encouraging them to supply the mine with daily necessities. If they are unable to meet the demand, we explore alternative options. Our approach aligns with the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources’ Regulation on community empowerment in the mining ring area, which now offers an improved mechanism for supporting the main livelihood sector compared to the previous period.

Attention is also given to the sectors of education, health, the local economy, and infrastructure support for daily livelihoods. While some specialized positions have to be recruited from other parts of Indonesia, new recruitments are primarily prioritized for locals living in the mining ring area. Additionally, support is provided to traditional institutions to preserve the region’s customs, native art, and culture. All of these initiatives convey a crucial message that a mine and local traditions can coexist harmoniously.

In North Halmahera, Indotan strives for more than just a business presence. Instead, Indotan aims to establish itself with open arms and a familial spirit. This family-like atmosphere is exemplified through NHM by providing routine allowances for paternal orphans, double orphans, and the underprivileged, regardless of their religion or ethnicity. Home renovation projects have been initiated to ensure that no one living near the mine resides in unsuitable housing. This demonstrates a compassionate management approach inspired by H Robert Nitiyudo. Moving forward, Indotan will continue to encourage NHM to support the development of independent communities in the mining ring area.