As many as 1,855 paternal orphans and double orphans along with 490 poor people in North Halmahera were visited by representatives of PTNHM in February 2021 to channel allowances as a show of care from PTNHM led by H. Robert Nitiyudo. Al-Qohhar Foundation representing PTNHM accompanied by the Social Performance team of PTNHM went through long journeys to reach remote islands to meet with paternal orphans, double orphans and the poor. This reflects a “Heart-Touching Management” action as Haji Robert frequently stated. Regardless of ethnicity and religious background, NHM Care is present for all.

In another occasion, the team also visited one the villages at the mining ring area to respond to a report by its village head on the presence of a widow with two children living in a rundown wooden house. Haji Robert embraced village leaders and local community to work together to build a new house for the mother, making a house fit to live in a comfortable and healthy way.

Our job is not over yet. There are still many people who live in houses totally unsuitable to live in and need repair. Because they are the closest neighbors of Gosowong Gold Mine and they deserve to live decently.