The working area of PT Nusa Halmahera Minerals (NHM) which is known as Gosowong Gold Mine, is located at North Halmahera Regency in North Maluku Province. Today, NHM operates in a Contract of Work area of about 29,622 hectares. The mining method of open-pit mining has been completed, and currently Gosowong Gold Mine is actively conducting undergoung mining activities at two production areas; Kencana and Toguraci.

The mineral ore produced by the underground mines is sent to the Ore Treatment facility. Through the process at this facility, the end-product in the form of Dore Bullion is produced and then shipped to off-site refining facilities to be refined before being marketed to meet the world’s gold needs.

NHM conducts cooperation with a number of companies in the provision of heavy equipment to support production activities in addition to the maintenance work. Together with its partners, NHM puts a priority to professionalism in this matter so that the mining activities could be done efficiently and effectively while a priority is also given to occupational health and safety.

Mining Operation