Sustainability is a very important word for us as business practitioner in Indonesia and the world. The implementation of sustainability is through the complementary concept of “Profit, People, Planet” which we are sure constitutes an integral part.

Sustainability for us is not only ensuring that mining activities continue to run smoothly and generate profits as planned (Profit), but also ensuring our relationships with employees within the company, and also with the community, especially communities around the mine (People) are good. While our commitment to the environment (Planet) is implemented subject to Government regulations and good business practices, Management and shareholders pay great attention to the implementation of the meaning of Sustainability.

In a determination to become a model corporation within mining industry known for its responsibility and good governance practice, we understand that the sustainability of this business operation relies on the efforts to improve human resources, environmental management and safety, support given to the empowerment of the communities living around our operational area, as well as health and safety of the employees, our most important asset.

On the other hand, mining activities of NHM are carried out based on the existing rules and regulations. A compliance with the rules is a part of Good Corporate Governance practiced by NHM, as well as both PT Indotan Halmahera Bangkit and PT Aneka Tambang Tbk. as the shareholders.

Sustainability Development