PT Nusa Halmahera Minerals (NHM) is one of the major absorbers of manpower in North Halmahera area, especially of those coming from the surrounding communities. In June 2022, it was recorded that there were nearly 2,400 of direct employees of NHM, consisting of approximately 70% from North Halmahera and other areas in North Maluku Province. While the remaining 30% of employees are workers coming from other areas in Indonesia, and a small number of expatriate experts.

The absorption of manpower by the Gosowong Gold Mine has provided opportunities for local human resources, to develop knowledge and expertise to be able to compete globally.

A diversity is reflected by the composition of our employees, be they based on gender, places of origin, educational background, religion and ethnicity. Gosowong is a meeting place of the nation’s best talents from all over Indonesia who come to work in a mining industry.

Moreover, there are dozens of partner companies which support the operational activities of Gosowong Gold Mine with most of them hiring local human resources.

Nurturing Harmonious Industrial Relations

In ensuring the establishment of harmonious Pancasila industrial relations in all activities of the Company, NHM has a workers’ union body called “Badan Serikat”, which is a representative of the aspirations of its employees.

NHM’s Badan Serikat is involved in every decision-making process. And collaborates hand-in-hand with the Management in maintaining operational stability, the spirit of productivity for the sustainability of Gosowong Gold Mine’s business, as well as the welfare of employees and the mining circle communities.